How Home Fire Sprinklers Benefit the Environment

How Home Fire Sprinklers Benefit the Environment

When we purchase home fire sprinklers, we often think of safety. By installing this system in our homes, we are protecting our property against the risk of any unforeseen fire event and ensuring the longevity of what we hold dear.

But we rarely think of the environmental impacts of home fire sprinklers—and as it turns out, they’re a huge benefit.

Less water usage

When a fire breaks out, the fire department rushes to extinguish the flames. Using a fire hose to extinguish the flames, however, uses more water than a home fire sprinkler system.  In addition, the sprinkler system is triggered to go off instantly, as soon as there is a sign of flames. So, with a fire sprinkler system installed, you’ll be minimizing the amount of water used as well as the reaction time.

Less energy usageGreen Home Fire Sprinklers

This is also a big one: by using that fire hose, you’re using much more energy, which drives up emissions.

In fact, studies have found that when using a home sprinkler system, your greenhouse gas emissions are cut by 97.8 percent! Now that is a win-win for the environment and for you!

Less pollutants

Let’s recognize the fact that fire hose water is much more likely to carry dangerous pollutants that can contaminate your property and soil. These pollutants include heavy metals and dangerous pH levels, both of which are scientifically proven to be serious environmental threats.

With these three things in mind, several leading advocates and experts have pushed for local authorities to call for residential fire sprinkler systems in every home, which would lower our impact as a community, on the environment. At Fire Tech, we wholeheartedly agree. Contact us today to learn more!

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