Howard County, Maryland Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Stay Safe in Howard County

You do lots of things to protect your loved ones and your home; add a fire sprinkler system from Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers to that list and sleep easier knowing that your family is safe.

Sprinklers in combination with smoke detectors can cut the risk of fatalities in home fires by as much as 82 percent, according to studies. Residential fire sprinkler systems add value to your home, too. Building your dream house in Maryland? This is the time to think about safety and investment. Install a fire sprinkler during a new home build and you’ll actually save money on construction costs.

Here in Howard County, it’s the law, too. Residential sprinklers are required in all condos and town homes, and – as of 2012 – in single-family homes and duplexes.

Don’t take a chance: install a Fire Tech Residential Sprinkler system in your home. Each sprinkler head is small and unobtrusive, making them an integral and seamless part of your home. Sprinklers are heat-activated and will only discharge in the area where there is fire. In fact, 90 percent of home fires are contained by a single sprinkler.

Protect your family and your home. Contact Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers today and learn more about adding a sprinkler system to your residence.