Residential Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance & Repair Services

Service & Maintenance
Inspection & Testing

Finished Basements, Additions and Renovations

Are you finishing your basement, adding an addition or renovating existing living space?

We can design and permit the sprinkler system for your next home improvement job!

Flow switch to monitor your sprinkler (wiring by alarm company)

What is a flow switch?

A flow switch is a paddle-type unit installed on your sprinkler manifold. Used in wet sprinkler systems, a flow switch will detect the flow of water and send an alarm signal if necessary.


Why would I want a flow switch?

  • A flow switch monitors the activation of a sprinkler in your home and sends a signal to your alarm company.
  • This unit provides peace of mind when you are not at home.
  • A flow switch may provide a cost savings on your homeowners insurance. Check with your provider.

Residential pump test / tank fill up and inspection

Do you have a sprinkler pump in your home or are you on a private well?

Have us come service test the pump and fill the tank and make sure everything is in proper working order!


Visual inspection of sprinkler system
We will walk your home to inspect the following:

  • Check the water connection
  • Make sure all valves are open
  • Check backflow operation
  • Inspect all sprinkler heads throughout the home for any obstructions

Scheduled Sprinkler repair

  • Non-emergency repair
  • Dripping sprinkler heads
  • Pipe and sprinkler head repairs

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