A Business Owner’s Guide to Fire Protection

A Business Owner’s Guide to Fire Protection

Your top priority as a business owner is the safety of your employees and your company. That starts with fire safety and prevention.

Below are some of the most essential aspects of fire safety you must heed to protect your business!

Practice prevention

A key to fire protection is prevention, which starts with a safety check throughout your business for proper placement of office materials.

  • Ensure stairwells are clear and free of any obstacles that could block employees from making a quick exit from the building.
  • Inspect your electrical cords and replace any broken connectors or cracked wires.
  • Leave space behind appliances like computers and furnaces and keep them away from flammable materials.

Stay up-to-date on building codes and occupancy ratings

As a business owner, you should know your building’s codes and regulations.

The building’s occupancy ratings are there for a reason, ensuring that you safely fill the space you have allotted. Not only do you have to adhere to the occupancy rating, but also the fire-resistant construction and fire protection systems required for your location.

Once your building seems to be in compliance with business fire safety standards, ensure everyone is aware of and understands the set rules and codes.

Watch out for fire code changes in your area and stay on top of required changes!

Inspect fire protection equipment

Fire Alarm on the Wall of an Office BuildingDouble check that your smoke detectors have working batteries, and test these once per month. Check the dates of your fire extinguishers and be sure you keep them in plain sight where they are accessible to all employees.

Consider installing a fire sprinkler system if your business does not have one yet. These systems are normally the primary source of fire protection for a business and work in tandem with smoke alarms to effectively alert and extinguish a fire in the workplace.

Create a fire plan

Educate and train all employees on your fire plans to keep their safety and security as your top priority. Set up a plan for the office showing what everyone should do in the case of a fire.

Conduct fire drills at least once per year and be sure to post fire evacuation plans throughout your building.

Create a safe environment for your business and employees to thrive with proper fire protection.

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