Fire Sprinklers & Smoke Detection

Fire Sprinklers & Smoke Detection

Fire sprinklers have become an essential safety precaution for residential homes and businesses. When a fire starts, a fire sprinkler can extinguish the fire before the firefighters arrive. This helps save time and can reduce the damages to your home or business. When shopping for fire sprinklers, a common question arises: do they react to or detect smoke? Simply put, the answer is no.

Here are a few more details on how fire sprinklers work:

What Sets Off Fire Sprinklers 

Fire sprinklers only detect heat. Once they identify a certain level of heat, they will activate. The heat can range from 155-165 degrees. Inside of the fire sprinkler, there is a small bulb that is typically filled with a glycerin-based liquid. Once the sprinkler detects 9a high level of heat, the fluid will boil, causing the bulb to break, thus setting off the sprinkler. 

Fire sprinklers do not all act at the same time. Individual sprinklers may detect a nearby fire while other sprinklers that are not near the fire will not be activated.

This helps conserve water and prevent any unnecessary damage to the items inside the building. 

There are various types of fire sprinkler heads; Fire Tech Residential carries the concealed head sprinkler, flush pendant, and standard semi-recessed. 

Smoke Detection 

While fire sprinklers do not detect smoke, it is crucial to have a working smoke detector in your home. This will help alert you of a potential fire before it escalates. Smoke detectors should be checked at least twice a year to ensure they are working correctly. Fire sprinklers and smoke detectors work in tandem to keep your home safe. Having both of these systems in your home can significantly reduce your risk of a house fire.

Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers is dedicated to maintaining fire safety for homes in Maryland, Washington DC, Baltimore Metropolitan Area, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. With a variety of sprinkler heads, we can meet your safety and design needs. Contact us today to learn more or inquire about our services. 

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