How to Make a Fire Emergency Plan for Your Family

How to Make a Fire Emergency Plan for Your Family

Disaster strikes without warning. Having a procedure in place for emergencies may be the key to your family’s safety. The first step to creating an emergency plan is to gather everyone in your household together.  As a group, develop a fire emergency plan that can be implemented at a moment’s notice.

Sketch a map

Mapping out a floorplan of your home is especially helpful for households with children. This map allows your child to visualize the emergency plan in a non-threatening way. You can explain the various escape routes your child may utilize depending on the location of the fire in your house. Make it interactive by having them mark all of the windows and doors that can be possible points of escape. By getting your children involved in the fire emergency plan, they will experience less panic if ever a fire were to occur within the house.

After planning the evacuation routes, establish a meeting spot that is a safe distance away from your house if any of your family members were to get separated.

Assign evacuation responsibilitiesHave a Plan to Escape when There is a Residential Fire

Each member of your family should be responsible for one task in the event of a fire in the home. Who will make sure that the children get out safely? Who will be responsible for calling the fire department? If all household members have a role, then they will only have to carry out that specific task during a residential fire.

Post the plan in your house

Once you have gone through the emergency plan and practiced the escape routes with your family, post the procedure in a visible spot within your home. Along with the plan should be a list of emergency contacts including the fire department, police department, trusted neighbors, etc. However, it’s encouraged that everyone in your family memorizes your local fire department’s emergency phone number.

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