Myths about Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Myths about Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Homeowners often find themselves swimming in a sea of questions regarding the use of their home fire sprinkler systems. From thinking they are unnecessary to misunderstanding how they operate, there are many misconceptions.

Here we debunk the myths about home fire sprinkler systems.what starts house fires

Myth: I’ll set off a sprinkler if I burn dinner.

Fact: Even the most seasoned chef burns the bacon every once in a while, creating smoke that many falsely believe will set off a home sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems are in reality activated by temperature, not the billowing cloud of smoke emanating from your burning brisket. Though this may set off your smoke alarm, you likely won’t see activity coming from your sprinklers unless your cooking crusade unexpectedly turns into a large fire.

Myth: Smoke alarms are sufficient in warning my family that there’s a fire.

Fact: Of course smoke alarms are important and necessary, but are you sure you want to risk your family’s safety? Fires grow and spread quickly, in as little as two to three minutes in some cases. This provides only precious moments for your family to escape the house. Home sprinklers, however, can control and possibly extinguish fires in short amounts of time, increasing the chance for everyone to quickly escape unscathed.

Myth: We can simply trust the fire department to put out the fire.

Fact: While the fire department will arrive to put out the fire, these brave men and women can only get to your house as quickly as a firetruck will take them. You may end up waiting between 9 to 12 minutes for the fire department to arrive, giving an uncontrolled fire plenty of time to grow and spread through your home. Imagine the amount of smoke and fire damage you could avoid with a sprinkler system, which works to control the fire while you wait for reinforcements.

Myth: I live in a newer home, so I don’t need a sprinkler system.

Fact: Though your new home is likely gorgeous and full of modern features, this does not mean it is safe. Contrary to what you would guess, the often lightweight construction making up newer homes actually burns quicker than traditional materials. Your newly built home may contain furnishings with synthetic materials, creating more opportunities for fueling a fire and making the environment more toxic. An unobtrusive and contemporary sprinkler system can make up for the safety your new home lacks.

Offering a variety of home fire sprinkler designs for single family homes, town homes, apartments, and condominiums, Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers LLC completes sprinkler installations safely and efficiently. To learn how to protect your home, visit our FAQs page.

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