When selecting the appropriate type of sprinkler head for your project, it is important to be aware of the variations available.  From standard exposed heads to concealed sprinkler heads, there are many options to suit specific requirements and preferences.  Following is a description of a few such options:

Concealed Sprinkler Heads

This type of sprinkler head is exactly as the name implies. The sprinkler mechanism is raised and concealed in the ceiling and is hidden by a decorative cap.  At 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the cap falls off and the sprinkler is triggered. As soon as the sprinkler reaches its activation temperature, the head itself drops and the water is released, moving in the pattern of a circle.

Flush Pendant Sprinkler Head

The head of a flush sprinkler is not concealed. These heads protrude from the ceiling and require a shield placement to cover sheet rock surrounding it. This is the most common type of sprinkler head used in smaller residential spaces such as apartments and condominiums.

Standard Semi-Recessed Sprinkler Head

Although mainly installed in industrial and commercial buildings due to its inconspicuous design, this head is also used in residential dwellings due to its cost-effective price point.

It is important to note that fire sprinkler regulations may vary by location and must be adhered to in order to meet building codes and safety requirements.

In the state of Maryland, fire sprinklers are required by law in all townhomes, condominiums, and apartment buildings, as well as newly built one and two-family homes. This mandate has been in effect since January 2012.

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