Understanding the Timeline of a Home Fire

Understanding the Timeline of a Home Fire

Home fires can be devastating, life-threatening events leading to damage, injury and sometimes death. Perhaps the most chilling fact about home fires is how fast they can occur and how little time you have to react.

From the start of a fire in the home…

Once a home fire starts, heat, flames and smoke build within a minute or less.

The fire grows and within the time span of about three to five minutes, an event called flashover occurs. Flashover is when the fire engulfs an entire room or area in flames caused by the energy of the fire radiating back to the contents of the room.  This typically indicates the fire has fully developed.

Home Fire Timeline…to the response of the firefighters

The fire continues to spread as growth is unrestricted until firefighters can get on the scene. Home fires give you mere minutes to make a safe escape, and sometimes less depending on where the fire starts and when your alarm detects it.

The temperature of a home fire increases quickly.

Within just a minute and a half, the temperature around a fire can become unbearable, and in double that time, the temperature can rise so high that no one can survive the heat.

How can a home fire sprinkler drastically improve the timeline?
The timeline of your home fire changes drastically and increases your chance of survival (by more than 82 percent) when you have fire sprinklers installed in your home.

Within seconds after your smoke alarm detects a fire, your home sprinkler goes off to control the heat and flames in that area. This control gives you and your family time to escape and eliminates the risk of flashover.

Reliable and life-saving, home fire sprinklers protect you and your family from fast-growing home fires that can quickly get out of control. Contact our team at Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers LLC today to learn more about installing a home fire sprinkler system in your home today.

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