Where Does the Water Come From? What You Should Know

Where Does the Water Come From? What You Should Know

You have your home fire sprinkler installed; that’s great news! But you’re probably wondering, where exactly does the water come from?

Here’s what you should know about your home fire sprinkler’s water supply system.

How the Mechanism Works

The water is sourced through the household water main in most homes. The main and the water meter form a “T” connection called a riser, and this is how the sprinklers are fed. A riser is comprised of a pressure gauge, flow switch, a back flow valve if required, and a test and drain assembly. Local codes might also mandate that a flow alarm be attached. Sprinklers are installed just as modern plumbing is: through the walls and ceilings. Following a distinct hydraulic design, the fire sprinklers are tailored along the piping of your home.

Flow Switch

The flow switch is wired to an inside bell or monitored to an in-home security system in some cases, and this warns neighbors when the sprinklers are about to be activated in a fire has occurred when no one is present. This function is of immense value to home owners.

Lowering Cost of Installation

Home sprinkler systems are very cost effective because plastic pipe (or chloro-polyvinyl chloride) can be used in their construction.  Copper pipe is typically used in unfinished basements. These materials help keep costs low for contractors and developers.

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