Why Choose A Fire Sprinkler System for Your Townhouse

Why Choose A Fire Sprinkler System for Your Townhouse

Adding a fire sprinkler system to your property is an easy and effective way of ensuring your belongings and loved ones are safe in the event of a fire. The sprinkler system acts as a safety net and can potentially put out a fire before it gains momentum.

If you own a townhouse, the dangers of a fire can be even greater, as several homes are connected to one another.

Keep your townhouse and the townhouses next to you safe by adding a fire sprinkler system to your property today.   

Minimize risk, gain peace of mind

Although we all wish to avoid fires inside the home, they are a very real danger that effect roughly 350,000 properties each year.

By having a fire sprinkler system installed at your home or townhouse, you will be reducing the chances of one of these fires breaking out at your home, or at the very least preventing it from becoming a real danger.

Adding sprinklers will gain you peace of mind in knowing that your family, belongings and property are safe at all times.

Townhouses are connected, creating greater risk

One of the most important reasons for having a sprinkler system in your townhouse is the added risk that the layout presents. Most townhouses are connected to another on one or both sides, increasing the risk of a potential fire.

You not only have to worry about a fire spreading in your townhouse, but to neighboring properties as well.

Sprinklers are required by law in several states

Several states require townhouses to have fire sprinkler systems installed as they are being built.  Amongst others, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., California and Tennessee, require townhouses to have a sprinkler system in place.

These laws clearly demonstrate that there is a danger that comes with townhouse ownership and that it is a good idea to play it safe by having a system installed.

When you would like to have a fire sprinkler system installed in your townhouse in Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia, contact Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers, LLC.

Fire Tech has been designing and installing residential fire sprinkler systems for 14 years, and would be happy to provide you with an estimate. Reach out to us at one of our three locations today.  

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