Dangers Inherent with Unlicensed Electric Installation

housefireElectricity is a very volatile charge. And it is coursing through the walls in your home, surrounding your family. If improperly installed and channeled in your house, it could spell disaster for what you have worked so hard for your entire life. This is why not under any circumstance should you ever consider enlisting the service of an unlicensed electrician.
What happens behind your drywall can go unnoticed for years. Anything from frayed wires to mismatching components could be a major hazard. Perhaps the previous owner had shoddy electricity installed to save a few bucks, in which case you would have no clue. Regardless, if there is detectible work from substandard electrical installation, your insurance will not cover your loss in the event of a resulting electrical fire.
Encouraging and allowing substandard electrical installation is legal negligence on behalf of both the homeowner and person having installed the wiring. When you have a licensed electrician thoroughly inspect your house, however, not only when you first buy the house but as periodically as once a year, you ensure safe and functional continuity throughout your electric system. This will also protect your liability in the event of a house fire.
Aside from the inherent dangers at which you put you and your family, there are professional ethical reasons to make sure your electrician is certified. Not only is the fact they have no license a reflection of their ambition, it undermines the hard working electricians. Taking the classes and passing the tests for certification electricians wear like a badge of honor. If they lack this drive to reach this certification, it’s a strong indication they don’t take pride in their work.
No matter what the scenario, you should never employ an unlicensed electrician. Really no matter how much money you save going with someone without a license, it is not worth putting at risk what is probably your largest investment (your home) it is definitely not worth putting at risk the lives of you and your family.

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