Only You- and Sprinklers- Can Prevent Housefires

4552321_SMore fires are likely to happen in a home than an office building or public venue. This is for many reasons, ranging from unattended candles to malfunctioning appliances. How to eliminate the common hazards and save lives could be as simple as 1,2,3.


Candles of all different types and sizes cause thousands of fires each year. If a candle is too close to fabric, the flame can jump from the candlewick to a curtain or couch. It also only takes a few seconds for a child or pet to knock over a candle allowing the fire to spread.


Another one of the most common fire hazards is walking away from a dish while it is cooking on the stove or in the microwave. Gas flames on the stove can ignite any type of flammable substance like plastic or even the food you’re cooking. Non-microwave proof dishes can burst into flames in seconds. Walking away gives these fires time to grow and spread before you know it. Meanwhile, faulty wiring in old toasters or blenders can spark a fire too. It’s important to keep flammable products away from devices like this, regardless of age.


In a house without a fire sprinkler, any of these instances can turn from a small, contained fire to an engulfing fire that threatens your whole home. As an extra precaution, install a fire sprinkler as well as smoke alarms in your home. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry. And remember, it only takes one spark to burn a house to the ground in minutes.

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