Debunking Common Sprinkler System Myths

Debunking Common Sprinkler System Myths

In order to ensure that your home will be safe from the dangers of fire, it is crucial to install a sprinkler system. Unfortunately, there are many people who are hesitant to install a system because they are leaning on false information and do not understand the advantages.

The more people know about sprinkler systems and how they function, the more likely they are to install one in their home.

We have debunked some common sprinkler system myths to highlight the benefits of installation:

Myth: I have smoke alarms, so I don’t need sprinklers.

Fact: While every home should be equipped with smoke alarms, these devices only detect smoke and then sound an alarm when danger is detected. This alarm will do nothing to put out the fire.  A fire sprinkler system will extinguish the fire.

Smoke alarms are crucial, but it is the opinion of many firefighters that once a large fire starts, you may only have about two minutes before it escalates into an uncontrollable burn. Two minutes is hardly enough time to get everyone in your family out of the home. Sprinklers can quickly extinguish a fire.

Myth: Sprinklers demand constant and expensive maintenance

Fact:  The fact is, once the sprinklers are installed, they take very minimum maintenance or none at all. The two things to remember are to keep your sprinklers unobstructed and to never turn off the main control valve.

Myth: The water damage caused by the sprinkler itself would be more costly than any fire damage.

Fact: When a fire ravages a home, there is no mercy. Fire destroys everything in its path and in many cases, homeowners are left with nothing. In addition, assuming the firefighters are able to get to your home in time, the pressure from the water ejected from a fire hose is usually more damaging with most of them pumping 80-125 gallons per minute as opposed to the 8-24 gallons of water per minute that a sprinkler emits.

Myth: When the sprinkler system goes off, it goes off in every room, leaving everything soaked.

Fact: Sprinklers will go off when they detect temperatures of an excess of 155°, which means that they will only go off in the room where they are needed.  As an example, if there is a fire in your kitchen, the sprinkler in the bedroom will NOT be triggered.

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