Install Home Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems at the Start

Install Home Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems at the Start

If you are a professional homebuilder, then you know there are a multitude of ways to make houses better, safer and more efficient. One of the safest ideas is something you may not have considered before: installing a fire protection sprinkler system.

Installing a sprinkler system is a measure that should be taken at the very beginning of home construction.

The benefits of fire protection are far reaching.

Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

Let’s start with the most obvious; having fire sprinklers will aid in keeping the homeowner safe and the home itself from incurring damages. Many sprinklers can put out a fire within two minutes, and only the sprinkler closest to the fire activates, so the rest of the house does not take on water damage.

Having an automatic sprinkler system also takes the guesswork out of stopping a fire that occurs in the home. Instead of stumbling around looking for a fire extinguisher, this system automatically activates when triggered by the heat of flames.

The proof is in the numbers as some experts say that homes with automatic sprinklers have a fire survival rate of up to 99.6 percent.

Fire Sprinklers Are More Appealing to Homebuyers

Fire is completely unpredictable and you never know when one will start and spread. The assurance of having a sprinkler system is very comforting to many homeowners because they feel safer and more secure.

In addition, having a sprinkler system can also aid in keeping homeowner insurance premiums down because of the security they provide.

Increase the Home Value

Having a sprinkler system installed will aid in increasing the value of the home you intend to sell. The increased safety and security that comes along with having this system is simply too much to ignore.

Consult With the Best

To better your next home build with a residential fire sprinkler system, contact us at Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers.

Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers specializes in the design, installation and service of residential fire sprinkler systems.  Our years of experience and first-rate service provide homeowners and builders with the assurance of a reliable, timely and accurate installation.

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