Different Kinds of Fires & How to Stop Them

Different Kinds of Fires & How to Stop Them

Fire safety is an important topic to discuss, especially during summer time when most fire-related accidents occur. There are many types of fires and different ways to handle them depending on the type of the fire and how it started.

There are the different classes of fires:

Different Kinds of Fires & How to Stop Them

  • Class A– This type of fire typically takes place in a commercial and home setting. This fire involves common combustibles such as paper, rubber, cloth, wood, plastic, and trash. These fires are typically put out with water.


  • Class B- Class B fires involve flammable liquid gasses, solvents, gasoline, oil, paint, tars, and other oil-based products. These kinds of fires spread extremely fast and are best snuffed with a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.
  • Class D– Class D fires involve combustible metals like magnesium, lithium, and titanium. These kinds of fires are best extinguished with a dry powder like, sodium chloride.


  • Class C– This type of fire is classified as an electrical fire and can start from any kind of electronic equipment like computers, fax machines, or any other kind of equipment that plugs into an electrical socket. These kind of fires are best extinguished with water.


  • Class K– This is one of the most common types of fires which typically occur in the kitchen. Class K fires occur from cooking oils or grease. It is important to use the proper materials to extinguish this kind of fire. Using water to extinguish a grease fire can make the fire much worse. The best course of action is to smother the fire. If the fire occurs in a pan you are using simply use the top to cover the fire and stop it from spreading. You can also use a wet chemical fire extinguisher.

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