Fire Safety Tips for the Winter Season

Fire Safety Tips for the Winter Season

The winter season is right around the corner, which means that colder weather is on the horizon. What does this mean for keeping your family safe when it comes to house fires? The winter brings different elements, and with everyone staying inside their homes much more, we tend to take safety precautions.

Here are some fire safety tips for the winter season:

  • Smoke Alarms – Make sure you prepare your home by checking and testing your smoke alarms to prevent fire outbreaks in your home during the winter season. If they need battery replacement, make sure you complete that task.
  • Keep an Eye on Space Heaters – If you do decide to use a space heater during the winter months, it’s important to practice safety because space heaters can cause electrical fires in homes. Make sure that you turn off the space heater and keep it away from flammable materials.
  • Candles – Candles are a great way to light up your home during the holidays, as well as the winter season, but they can bring some danger into your home if you carelessly use candles in your home.
  • Furnace Maintenance – It’s vital for you to make sure your furnace is running smoothly, so calling a professional to check in on your furnace before the season it’s is crucial.

Investing in a Fire Sprinkler System

You may want to reinforce your home with a fire sprinkler system. A fire sprinkler system will make sure you and your family are safe in case a fire in the house occurs. Take a look at our fire sprinkler systems we have to offer and contact Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers at 240-676-6339 today or visit us online for more information!

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