Four Simple Ways to Prevent a Kitchen Fire

Four Simple Ways to Prevent a Kitchen Fire

While there’s certainly nothing better than a nice home-cooked meal made with love, there are certain dangers that come with cooking and baking in the kitchen on a regular basis.

Whether it be from grease, flammable kitchen items or something out of your control, kitchen fires are something that you should always be prepared for.

Fires in the kitchen are one of the leading causes of residential fires, but there are certain preventative measures that can be taken to ensure your home and family are always safe.

In this blog we will discuss these measures to help you be ready for an emergency should it present itself.

Stay focused on your task

We all have a lot going on in our lives. Whether it be watching little ones, helping with homework, doing the laundry or more, there are nearly an infinite number of tasks to handle during the day.

While you may be tempted to multitask while, it is strongly suggested to solely focus on what you are cooking to avoid an accident.

It is important to regularly monitor your stove top when cooking to avoid spilling, burning, grease fires and more. If you do have to leave the room, make sure to come back quickly or set an alarm to remember to come back and check on your food.

Keep cooking surfaces clean

Another important preventative measure, keeping your cooking surfaces clean will help avoid buildup on burners that can eventually lead to a fire.

It is also suggested to make sure all flammable object such as oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packages and towels are placed away from burners when cooking.

As an added safety measure, make sure that the oven and stovetop are turned off when tidying things up.

Have a fire extinguisher on hand

In the event that a small fire presents itself in your kitchen, it is important to have a fire extinguisher on hand. A fire extinguisher can help quickly squelch a fire on a stovetop, oven, countertop or other kitchen space before it gets out of control.

Have a fire sprinkler system installed

If you want to protect your home and family even further, it is suggested to have a residential fire sprinkler system installed in your kitchen.

In the unfortunate event that a fire springs up in your kitchen, and it cannot be contained by a fire extinguisher, a residential fire sprinkler system will detect the fire and put it out before it does any further damage to your home.

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