Preventing Accidental Fire Sprinkler Activation

Preventing Accidental Fire Sprinkler Activation

Fire sprinkler systems effectively reduce fire damage and provide extra safety to your household, but accidental fire sprinkler activation can be a costly mess to clean up. Although today’s sprinkler systems are extremely advanced, an accidental discharge is still possible.

Here are a few ways your home sprinkler system can accidentally go off and ways to fix the issues.

Watch for frozen pipes

Most sprinkler systems are wet pipe systems, meaning the pipes are full of water. If the pipes freeze, the expanding ice can produce pressure, sometimes enough to break fittings and force valve caps open. When the system thaws, water may discharge from the sprinkler. A solution would be choosing a special sprinkler system that can be installed in areas that are subject to freezing, like a dry pipe system.

Avoid overheating of sprinklers

Sprinklers located near heaters, skylights, and other areas of high heat can cause fire sprinkler heads to discharge by accident, in which case high-temperature-rated sprinklers are recommended. If you add new heat sources to your home, you need to adjust the sprinkler systems accordingly.

Hire a professional for installation

Forceful installation can damage a sprinkler’s operating mechanism, potentially causing the parts to come loose weeks or months later. It is important to select a knowledgeable fire sprinkler installation team who will use the proper tools to perform the installation and regularly inspect the system.

Look out for corrosion

Old sprinkler systems are subject to corrosion, weakening system parts, and releasing water. Regular inspection and testing can catch corrosion early and prevent unintentional discharge. There is also the option of choosing a chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe that is 100% resistant to corrosion.

Preventing accidental fire sprinkler activation is a simple task if you make sure to research the right sprinkler system for your home. If you notice your sprinkler system has fallen victim to corrosion or too many faulty activations, Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers can provide you with a full sprinkler installation service. Fire safety is no joke, and having a properly functioning sprinkler system might save your life.

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