How “Trading-Up” with a Residential Fire Sprinkler System Can Benefit Developers

How “Trading-Up” with a Residential Fire Sprinkler System Can Benefit Developers

Committing to installing residential fire sprinkler systems in new developments proves extremely rewarding for homebuilders, communities, and buyers alike.

Many cities agree to offer cost-saving incentives in the form of “trade-ups” to homebuilders who install fire sprinkler systems in their new developments.

Home Fire Sprinkler in a New DevelopmentBy installing these fire safety devices in new homes, developers typically become eligible for trade-ups like zoning and site development incentives that cut costs and raise profitability.

Installing built-in automatic fire protection in all of the buildings of a new development significantly reduces the cost of developing new land into an approved building location. Developers and builders alike can reduce their overall project costs.

Residential fire sprinkler systems offer additional fire protection without higher taxes or increased insurance rates.

This offers the community increased protection from deadly fires without added expense. On an individual level, buyers benefit from extra life and property protection at a lower cost.

Trade-up incentives vary by location. Financial tradeoffs could include reduced or waived fees, reduction of property taxes, or special financing options and developers could see on-site incentives such as reduced fire ratings for building assemblies. Off-site incentives include opportunities to use fewer fire hydrants or downsize water distribution systems due to lower fire flow requirements.

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition lists additional options for trade-ups. These include street-width reduction where traffic lanes can be narrowed, additional units permitted, increased hydrant spacing, longer dead-end streets that allow access to additional building lots, increased street grades and building setbacks, and more.

At Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers, LLC, we understand the importance of keeping your residents safe and value the opportunity to save you money in the process. Let us help you become eligible for trade-ups through our expert residential fire sprinkler system installation. Contact us today to get started!

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