Keep Your Newly Constructed Home Safe With The Installation Of A Fire Sprinkler System

Keep Your Newly Constructed Home Safe With The Installation Of A Fire Sprinkler SystemWhen building your dream home, it is crucial to include protection against the potential devastation of a fire. There is no better way to protect your investment against fire damage than a professionally installed fire sprinkler system.


In the state of Maryland, laws have been passed which require all new residential construction to be equipped with fire sprinkler systems. This law includes single family homes, townhouses, condominiums and apartments. Since this mandate, many homeowners have been spared the loss of property and lives due to the prompt response of their residential sprinkler system when extinguishing a fire.


If a dwelling is being constructed in a state that does not require fire sprinkler systems by law, it is highly recommended that the homeowner/builder take the steps to include the system in the construction of the home.


Take The Necessary Steps


The first step in including a fire sprinkler system in your new home is to consult with a fire sprinkler contractor to review the plans. When reviewing the plans, the contractor will become familiar with the structural and architectural details of the dwelling.


Upon review, the contractor will work with the homeowner/builder to determine the type of system that will best suit the home. Options for different types of sprinkler heads and plate covers will also be offered to keep in continuity with the design of the home. Plate covers in custom colors and concealed heads are two popular selections. After the details have been determined, the homeowner will be provided with an estimated cost of the system.


Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers specializes in the design, installation and service of residential fire sprinkler systems. Our years of experience and first-rate service provide homeowners and builders with the assurance of a reliable, timely and accurate installation.


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