Leading Causes of Fires in Apartments and Condos

Leading Causes of Fires in Apartments and Condos

Often times, it seems fire safety advice is focused on those who live in a single-family home. But roughly one-fifth of Americans live in either apartments or condos. Unfortunately, they’re every bit as likely to deal with a fire as everyone else.

The best way to be prepared to deal with a fire is to know where one might start and why. Here are some of the leading causes of fires in apartment buildings and condos:


Not only does cooking cause more fires than any other factor in apartments and condos, data suggests that it causes more than half of these fires by itself. The majority of these fires are caused by household items being exposed to too much heat and igniting. Cloths, towels, curtains and bags are all known to catch fire and start a much larger issue. This it’s why it’s so important to keep your cooking area free of all potentially combustible materials.

Electrical Issues

Electrical fires are a risk in just about any building. In apartments and condos, they are often caused by using a cable where the third prong has been removed, misusing extension cords, not replacing cords that have become damaged or frayed and loose outlets that are not properly covered. If you can avoid those pitfalls, you should be at far less of a risk.


In parts of the country that deal with extreme cold in the winter, heaters pose a great risk of fire. Those who live in apartments and condos may be more likely to use space heaters, which are especially dangerous, causing more than 20,000 fires annually. Never leave a space heater unattended and keep all flammable objects far away from it.

Household Appliances

There are quite a few household appliances that can cause a fire if used improperly. Air fryers, hair straighteners and other products have been known to cause fires in certain cases. It’s important to only use these appliances for their intended purpose and to never leave them unattended while they’re on.

Despite the best precautions, a fire may occur in an apartment building or condominium that you own. That’s why it’s wise to invest in Fire Tech’s residential sprinkler systems. Our experienced professionals will install the system that works best for your building. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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