How Air Fryers Can Be a Fire Hazard

How Air Fryers Can Be a Fire Hazard

Air fryers can be a fun and convenient addition to your kitchen. They cut down on the time it takes to cook a meal or make a snack, and are capable of handling everything from vegetables to melts to meat.

But like most appliances, they come with a pretty serious risk factor; fire. This doesn’t mean that you should be scared away from investing in an air fryer for your home. It just means you should understand the factors that can lead to a fire breaking out.

Faulty Mechanics

In rare cases, the appliance catching fire has absolutely nothing to do with the consumer. Just under two months ago, Best Buy recalled more than 635,000 Insignia Air Fryers and Air Fryer Ovens across the United States and Canada. There were roughly 100 reports of them catching on fire or melting for no apparent reason. If the model of air fryer you purchased is ever recalled, you should take the refund and buy a new one.

Check the Outlet and Voltage

In the safety or instructional manual, it should say what level of voltage your air fryer requires. Make sure the outlet you’re plugging it into can handle that level of voltage. If the outlet is insufficient, there is risk of a fire.

Pay Attention to Portion Sizes

Your air fryer should be able to handle the size of your dinner. But perhaps you have a decent amount of guests over and you want to get them an appetizer from the air fryer as soon as possible. If you put too much in and overfill it, the hot air will not be able to circulate as freely, which can cause a fire. If you have a lot of food to make, just break up the total amount into smaller portions.

Be Sure to Clean it Properly

Some foods are messier than others, but they will all leave some level of residue to clean up before you use the air fryer again. Sometimes, those crumbs will fall to the bottom and burn the next time you use it. If there are enough of them, they can cause a fire. This can also be the case if you wash the electric part of the machine with water.

If all other measures fail and a fire does break out, your last line of defense can be a residential sprinkler system. If you’re looking to invest in the safety of your home, Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers LLC is the place to call.  Contact us today to schedule whatever maintenance services you require for your home sprinkler system.

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