Prevent Fires Caused by Cooking

Prevent Fires Caused by Cooking

Residential fires are very common, and they can be caused by a plethora of things. The number one cause of household fires is related to cooking. For many, this may not seem possible, but it is true. You probably have put something on the stove to boil and walked away for a few minutes.

It’s never a good idea to walk away from the stovetop with something cooking on it. There are ways to prevent a fire from breaking out if you’re cooking, and the number one thing to do is to be attentive when you’re cooking.

When Cooking, Keep Items Away from the Stovetop

When you plan to cook on the stovetop, it’s important to declutter the countertop and everything around the stovetop. You never want to have random items near the flame because they could catch on fire in a second without even realizing it. Clear off the area and only keep the cooking items nearby that you’re going to be using.

Never Leave the Stove Un-Attended

When you decide to cook, try not to plan any other activities. It’s important to pay attention to your cooking because you never know when or if a fire breaks out. When you have the ability to pay attention to your cooking situation, you can help prevent cooking fires from happening.

Invest in Residential Fire Sprinklers

One of the most beneficial ways to prevent home fires from breaking out or spreading is to invest in residential fire sprinklers from Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers. We can work with you to design and install fire sprinklers in your home properly. We make sure every room is covered for your preference.

If you’re looking to keep you and your family safe and help to prevent mistakes from happening, contact Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers at 240-676-6339 today or visit us online for more information!

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