Home Fire Sprinklers Can Help the Environment

Home Fire Sprinklers Can Help the Environment

Green Home Fire SprinklersInstalling a home fire sprinkler system inside the home is greatly beneficial for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that a fire sprinkler in a home will put out a fire or, at the very least, prevent it from spreading quickly so that the fire department has time to get there. You can save money and of course lives by investing in residential fire sprinklers.

Saving Water with a Residential Sprinkler

Did you know that fire departments can use up to 250 gallons of water every minute when they are fighting a house fire? That’s quite a bit of water being used at once. By comparison, home fire sprinklers use much less water, as they only put out about 15 gallons of water per minute. Plus, fire sprinklers are just as effective at putting fires out since they kick on at the first sign of a fire.

The Prevention of Greenhouse Gases

When a home catches on fire, more than just the home is damaged. The environment takes a hit as well since there are many dangerous greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Home fire sprinkler systems cut down on those greenhouse gases dramatically. In fact, they reduce greenhouse gases by almost 98 percent because they put out a fire before it’s able to spread and burn more materials.

Eliminate Damage & Home Rebuild

In the aftermath of a fire, a homeowner is forced to rebuild a house with new materials. There are greenhouse gases that must be used to produce those materials and to transport them to the location of the home. This means that the environment continues to be affected by a fire long after it has been put out. By using a home fire sprinkler system, you can cut down on the amount of damage done during a fire so that you won’t have to replace much at all.

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