The Importance of an Annual Fire Inspection

The Importance of an Annual Fire Inspection

Residential fires can happen quickly, and without proper prevention and protective measures, you and your residents are at risk for injury or even death.

Common causes of residential fires include heating, electrical malfunction, appliances, and equipment malfunction. However, performing annual fire inspections can assist you in detecting potential hazards in your building, insuring resident safety and keeping your building up to code.

Detect potential hazards

Realizing potential fire hazards is vital to preventing tragic and deadly incidents. An annual fire inspection is a proactive approach taken to correct any issues before they result in a residential fire.

These potential hazards could include keeping too many plugs in one outlet, older appliances, stacks of combustible items like paper and damaged electrical wires; many of which go unnoticed in your everyday life. Checking all smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems helps ensure your building is prepared to combat the dangers of residential fires.

Insuring safety

Technician Checking the Battery of a Smoke DetectorPerforming an annual fire inspection is vital to personal safety. Whether you are inspecting your own home, apartment, or condominium, fire inspections help you ensure that you and everyone in the building is equipped to handle a fire.

Regular maintenance and inspection for fire hazards makes for a safer living environment. Conducting regular fire safety assessments allows you to address issues of safety and gives residents peace of mind throughout the year.

Stay up to code

The National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) requires annual fire inspections to meet the requirements of your building department and fire inspectors. Holding regular fire reviews affects your insurance as well; typically insurance carriers offer discounts for properly maintained fire-protection systems. Avoid rejection of insurance claims due to lack of proof of annual fire inspections and limit liability for injuries by staying up to date on your annual fire check-ups.

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