Firework Safety Tips for Summer

Firework Safety Tips for Summer

Although fireworks are a staple in any summertime celebration, these pyrotechnics pose danger to those in the surrounding area. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 18,500 fires are caused by fireworks per year.  Although they successfully light the sky up in an array of beautiful colors, it’s vital to understand the associated risks.

Here are a few fireworks safety tips to keep in mind at your Fourth of July celebration this year!

Be aware of the firework products you’re using

Purchasing proper fireworks can be difficult because not all products are legal. So, how can you tell the difference? Start by looking at the labels before you buy and seeing what each firework does. “Shooting ball of flame” or “flammable with report” are illegal and can be very dangerous. “Showers of sparks” and “use under adult supervision” are phrases that prove legality. If in doubt, call your local fire marshal!

Prepare the area

Community Firework Display in MarylandFirst and foremost, check with your local authorities to ensure that fireworks are not prohibited in your area. Once you know that you’re in an approved area, set up your lighting site with the necessary safety precautions. Keep a bucket of water nearby to soak used fireworks in as well as fireworks that did not go off after around 15 minutes. Use a metal trash can to dispose of the soaked fireworks and debris and keep pets inside the house or a safe distance away from the lighting area.

Firework safety for children

A responsible adult should be in charge of lighting your personal firework display with children staying out of reach of any fireworks or lighting materials. Keep a close eye on any children in the area and oversee any use of sparklers being held by those little arms.

Leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals

The safest way to enjoy fireworks is by attending a public display in your community. There are usually several opportunities throughout the summer to take the family to see a professional show and they are usually a safe distance away from where the experts are lighting the rockets. Check out this list of public firework displays in Maryland for 2018!

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