The Importance of Regular Professional Electrician Inspections

Electrician Inspection The number one cause of house fires in the United States is electrical reasons. Most, if not all, of these fires could have been prevented if the homeowner’s electrical system was professionally inspected within the 6 months preceding the fire. And regular inspection can also help protect you and your family as well.

Unlicensed electricians should never be enlisted for their services. Even if they have the experience, the fact they haven’t pursued their licensing should be a clear reflection of their laziness, which is likely to come through in their workmanship at some point or another. And if they simply haven’t passed their certification, they obviously lack the skill to be installing any wiring anyhow. Faulty wiring and installing incorrect components are the top source for so many house fires across the country.

Reasons to get your home regularly inspected also may for more preventative reasons as well. That’s because many fire alarms and all sprinkler systems are hardwired into your home electrical system. Obviously if your electricity is faulty, directly connecting your fire prevention systems or otherwise, you will have a serious issue escalating from bad to worse.

A professionally inspected home electrical system and properly installed smoke detectors are your best lines of defense from house fires. Not only are faulty electric systems the direct cause of hundreds of thousands of fires nationwide, but also fire prevention systems which can save your life (and maybe even your home) depend on a reliable wiring network which is professionally maintained.

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