6 Common Household Items That Can Cause Fires

6 Common Household Items That Can Cause Fires

Many tasks in our life become routine, to the point where we no longer notice them. Activities such as making breakfast or drying our hair are simply banal parts of life that don’t often require our attention. We become entranced while going through the motions, and this is actually a large cause of residential fires.

While some people are more aware than others, everyone is at risk of forgetting to turn off the iron or coffee maker once in a while. Despite your best efforts, sometimes awful things happen to good, careful people. Misfortune does not play favorites.

Below, you’ll find common household items that could potentially start fires. Though these are unlikely events, it’s good to keep yourself educated on what has the potential for flames.

  • Microwave Ovens – All it takes is someone who doesn’t understand what doesn’t go inside of a microwave, including certain dishes, to cause major problems. Be sure that if you have guests or young children, you’re the only one using the microwave.
  • The Toaster – If you see a glow when the toaster is off, this is a sign that it’s overheating. Food can also become stuck in the popup mechanism. This popup feature can also jam, causing worse problems.
  • Dishwasher – Some of the lower quality models might have defective circuit boards. If you can, avoid the cheaper ones, so you don’t have to worry about any malfunctions or possible fire starters in the house.
  • Space Heaters – Many of these boast an “automatic shut off” feature (that doesn’t always work). Regardless of what the company sells, NEVER leave a space heater on before bed. They can also get too hot for the extension cord, causing it to melt.
  • Hair Styling Tools – All too often people want to do final touch-ups before heading out for the workday. Every time you do your hair, think about how awful it would be to come home from a long workday, only to find your home in ashes.
  • Candles – Most of these have safety features, but don’t trust that when you go to sleep or step outside. Never leave candles unattended.

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