Prevent House Fires That Start From Candles

Prevent House Fires That Start From Candles

House fires caused by candles are always a concern. Candles left unattended or too close to flammable items can trigger a fire that spread room to room and have the ability to destroy a whole house. Since candles are such a common piece of décor in homes, it’s important to know how to prevent these fires so you can keep using candles but do so safely.

Candle Safety

When you are going to burn a candle, make sure it is in a proper container. Glass jar candles are the best as the glass acts a barrier between the open flame and potentially flammable objects. Candles should never be burned while just sitting on a plate or dish, leaving the flame open and susceptible to spreading. Also make sure to keep even jarred candles at least one foot away from any piece of furniture, curtain or item that could catch fire.

Candles shouldn’t be used for light during a power outage. When the lights are out and it’s difficult to see, candles are commonly placed near fire hazards. Instead of doing this, keep flashlights or lanterns in an accessible place, with back up batteries in case the power goes out as a safer option.

Also, only place candles on heat resistant surfaces. Plastic furniture can melt when a candle is placed and burning on it for hours on end. Worst-case scenario, the plastic itself can catch on fire and also spread the fire to nearby combustibles.

Finally, always extinguish a candle before leaving a room, leaving the house or going to sleep. Unattended candles are too big of a risk, especially if you have pets in the home that could knock it over or knock a curtain or cloth into the flame. Be careful when blowing out the candle that sparks and wax don’t go flying causing further damage.

Invest in Residential Fire Sprinklers

If you’re looking to provide a safer home and protect against possible residential fires, consider investing in residential fire sprinklers for your home. Contact Fire Tech Residential Sprinklers at 240-676-6339 today or visit us online for more information!

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