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Creating A Fire Escape Plan For The Whole Family

House fires can happen to any family but with a home fire escape plan, all members of the family can be appropriately prepared should a fire ever start. From the youngest children to the oldest parents or grandparents, everyone should participate in creating and regularly reviewing the escape plan. While you hope to never use… Continue Reading

The Decision is Yours to Prevent House Fire Deaths

A home can go up in flames in under a minute. Being sure you have taken all the proper safety measures and having the right equipment in place is putting your most valuable interests forward. But having not only an effective sprinkler system in place could be crucial to saving you and your family’s lives,… Continue Reading

The Dangers of Smoke Inhalation

When caught in a house fire, it is incredibly rare victims succumb to injury from contact with the fire itself. That’s because most fatalities are rooted in smoke inhalation. The origin of most fatalities in structure fires, smoke inhalation greatly reduces oxygen intake and leads to lost consciousness, leaving you defenseless from the elements. Smoke… Continue Reading